Mark Houser, and the PANA Story (Public Adjustment National Association)

Mark Houser has taught debt management for over 14 years and public adjusting for 15+ years since 2001. Better yet, he and his wife, Karen, have practical experience through living debt-free for the more than a decade. Mark is certified as a CFIC (Certified Financial Independent Consultant), DES (Debt Elimination Specialist) and a CCC (Consumer Credit Counselor) and was a loan officer with Gateway Funding as well as being a public adjuster. He’s had the largest Adult Evening Class in the State of Pennsylvania. Mark has worked with many Mortgage Bankers and has been an Associate Member of the Greater Philadelphia Mortgage Bankers Association. He also been on financial talk shows and the main speaker for many groups, including the Bucks County CPA Association. Mark has helped over 2,000 clients, who, without his help, wouldn’t own a home. He has helped many people protect their homes.



Mark’s Story

Mark was a communication specialist in the 1990s who understood that Communications were going to change. His wife introduced him to a company called FINL in Wisconsin started by the great man, John Cummata. FINL was the first company to strike back against debt in this country. Karen and Mark had $20,000 in personal debt and didn’t own a home. So, they started to eliminate their debt with deliberate focus on the fast track. They learned of FHA loans and qualified for an $84,000 home mortgage on a house worth $90,000. Using the profession of public adjusting, they became debt-free in four and a half years. Mr. Cummata requested that they become consultants using his program. Mark studied to become a CFIC (Certified Financial Independent Consultant) long before Consumer Credit Counseling began. Mr. Cummata developed a formula that speeds up the process of eliminating debt. Mark started conducting Cummata seminars for the local school districts. His first seminar started in a room with seating for about 36. 95 attended! The seminar series expanded¬† quickly the next season to 30 school districts. Mark met Sandy White, a woman on a mission to fight debt. She qualified Mark in the Consumer Credit Counseling industry and together they began research the FHA and VA underwriting guidelines. He became the first debt management specialist to help clients qualify for FHA and VA loans, becoming the first debt management specialist to join the Greater Philadelphia Mortgage Broker Association and was their main speaker for their new home buyers expo. From the experience of the new home buyers expo, Mark met Mr. Allan Smith, the #1 loan officer dealing with FHA and VA loans. Mr. Smith and Mark joined forces putting on seminars for the next 6 years. The result was they helped thousands of people own their own homes. Mark, when trying to help his clients with challenges, found that many of them were having trouble with their insurance companies with homeowners insurance claims. So, Mark started working for with a public adjusting firm and learned how to become a public adjuster. He received his license as a solicitor adjuster and became a Regional Vice President in the company. The company, however, would not train any new adjusters in the area where he live. This inspired Mark to go to Vale National, the best training school for adjusting. He then, devoted a full year learning the business of adjusting. He had gained such an understanding of the business that he decided to work towards changing how adjusting for the homeowner was done. Mark has been training people to become adjusters and excel in the industry ever since. This was the birth of PANA, the Property Adjustment National Association. He loves helping others and often says, “You can never give out enough good will changing one life at a time.” Encouraged by his wife, Karen, Mark wrote a layman’s guide to public adjusting called, “Getting Your House in Order,” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Getting Your House in Order by Mark Houser on DIY Homeowner Insurance Claims


The success of the book led to interviews on over 800 radio and television shows to help the public, MAKE INSURANCE PAY! Mark wishes to say a big thank you to his wife for editing the book and simply loving him through the whole process. His kids cheered him on and his sister gave meaningful insights. He’s also grateful to the crew at his office who worked tirelessly for years bringing you excellent service. And, a big thanks goes out to Bill Jerome and Octavio Ramirez for their guidance. Come join us and let’s help a bunch of people, together!