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With our public adjustment school, you learn to be an independent warrior in the crusade for the policyholder, not the insurance company. Clients have paid their premiums in good faith to sleep well at night, but when tragedy strikes, many call the insurance company’s representative to see what they’ll pay and what’s covered. Soon they find out, the insurance company looks out for their interest, not the customer’s. No wonder insurance companies have some of the tallest buildings on city skylines.

Like casinos, the odds are stacked in the house’s favor. If the insured had tons of money, they’d self-insure. Big insurance knows people don’t think they can afford a lawyer; so they take control of the claim. The insurance industry is confident that the public perceives them as the authority, so policyholders cave in,  just hoping to get their life back to normal. The victim is at the mercy of the corporation.

Our students become experts on how to maximize an insurance claim. They learn to  take control of the whole process and relieve the burden felt by the claimant. Often our best pupils were taken advantage of by the system and are now inspired to help the injured party. Our graduates become bulldogs for the client’s cause, determined to make insurance pay through world-class education and spirit.


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What’s Included in Our Public Adjusting Training?

You’ve looked for formal public adjuster education. You’ve looked for study guides preparing and spent countless hours burning the midnight oil. You’ve even wanted to pay your money and scheduled the big day – the exam. But that’s all you could find until now.

Property Adjustment National Association (PANA) has been giving the only opportunity in America to get in to the most profitable industry and most needed industry.

We mix the facts with practical, real-world experience to give you a new reality.


Who Should Consider Public Adjusting?

You must be at least 18 years old and have no felonies. This 80 hour training is intended for those who have time in the next 8 weeks to schedule two hours a night. If you want to be prepared and you want to become a public adjuster, you need to join our association’s training.

Online Training and All Benefits Below for 2 Payments of $275

You get everything you see below for one purchase of $550 or 2 payments of $275, which gives you all the membership benefits for a year

Thrive by learning 24/7 online with robust public adjuster courses and quizzes to test your progress. This includes a gigantic research database that continues to support your knowledge throughout the year

Included in your membership for a year is a ticket to the National Public Adjuster Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania September 12th through the 14th in the Fall of 2017. Expert trainers & speakers can catapult your profit and expertise

Form face to face relationships with other public adjusters who aren’t your competitors, so you can exchange ideas to explode your success and profit for years to come.

A year of phone support for expert tips for your individual clients and cases. Just pick up the phone and call us. We will give you solutions when you’re in a jam, or even if you simply lack confidence

We create an atmosphere of cooperation and goodwill with our members. You’ll be encouraged that other public adjusters and support industries will be willing to help you and in many cases, mentor you. The shortest path to success is mentorship

Continuing education credits (CE credits) and breaking industry news and tips throughout the year. Contact us for more information on Georgia’s continuing education credits. Stay on the cutting edge with PANA

We not only educate you to become a public adjuster, we also help set you apart from the competition with the latest marketing ideas. Discover easy to get clients as well as landing dream projects

Our founder, Mark Houser, mentors you to take charge of the settlement, so your confidence grants peace of mind to the policy holder. They know they are dealing with a top professional. Don’t let anyone push you around, you’re in control!